Hi. I’m a journalist. Right now, I’m a campaigns reporter at POLITICO, where I cover House, Senate and gubernatorial races across the country.

I’ve worked for POLITICO since 2011, when I started as an editorial assistant. Since then, I’ve risen with the sun to cover the news of the day and rogue super PACs as a breaking news reporter, about the rise of drones and the collapse of streetcar revival as transportation reporter, and have spent the past two years covering political campaigns.

I’ve chronicled campaign finance, candidate recruitment and other subjects in states from Maryland to Montana. I’ve broke news on major campaign shakeups in Florida, candidate struggles in Kentucky and intra-GOP struggles over Trump in Pennsylvania and New Hampshire. And I’ve written magazine features on a primary struggle in the Virginia governor’s race and a Democratic senator trying to win over rural Missourians.

Before this, I was a reporter for TBD, a local news website covering Washington, D.C. There, I wrote The Facts Machine blog and covered politics. I declared that our mayor is kind of a jerk, covered one of the closes Congressional races in recent memory, and wrote an obituary for the wildest college bar at one of the nation’s top party schools.

As an intern, I first learned the fact-checking game from the Pulitzer winners at PolitiFact, helped the staff wrap up the first year of a project tracking President Obama’s promises. I also interned at Newsweek, where I reviewed books and looked at how health care reform was implemented in Massachusetts. Before that, I interned at Congressional Quarterly, where I wrote extensively about homeland and cybersecurity and at The Capital in Annapolis, Md., where I covered crime and other spot news while writing features.

I graduated in May 2010 from the University of Maryland, College Park, where I double-majored in government and politics and journalism and served as the editor in chief of the 15,000-circulation campus daily, The Diamondback for 2009-2010 academic year, overhauling the publication’s website, launching its first news blog and moving to a 24/7 publishing system. I uncovered the details of brutal hazing at a university fraternity, chronicled a statewide referendum on legalizing slots and examined students’ love affair with an underdog politician.

Want to look at my resume? Here’s my LinkedIn. Like some references? E-mail me at krobilla AT gee mail DOT com. You can see my clips by clicking on that little ‘Portfolio’ link above. I tweet regularly.

I’m originally from Wilmington, Mass. and am a proud graduate of Wilmington High School and an absurdly proud graduate of the University of Maryland. I’m a soccer obsessive who enjoys The Wire too much*.

*This assumes it is actually possible to enjoy The Wire too much.

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