Everybody goes to Wally World

Sometimes I think my background (New England-born, Washington, D.C.-educated, college major in journalism and government and politics) could potentially qualify me as a member of the often-demonized “cultural elite.” Then I read sentences like this one:

Until recently, I had been to exactly one Walmart in my life, at the insistence of a friend I was visiting in Natchez, Mississippi, about 10 years ago. It was one of the sights, she said. Up and down the aisles we went, properly impressed by the endless rows and endless abundance. Not the produce section. I saw rows of prepackaged, plastic-trapped fruits and vegetables. I would never think of shopping there.

That’s from Atlantic food editor Corby Kummer’s piece on Walmart v. Whole Foods on selling sustainable foods.

I’m not going to begrudge those who choose not to shop at Walmart, but how have you never been to one in your life? That literally takes effort. They are freaking everywhere, and they carry everything. How has it never been convenient for you to shop at a Walmart?

I should also note I really enjoy Kummer’s writing, and I’m not trying to single him out for criticism. But I’m just baffled as to how you can be middle-aged and only have shopped at Walmart once in your life.

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